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Why measure social impact?

We believe that every small business has a social impact within their local community.

In measuring that social impact our goal is to inspire and enable leaders of small businesses to harness the power of ‘doing good’ and accelerate their business growth.

Purpose-led transformation galvanises people to ignite long-lasting positive change and fuels strategic growth and innovation. Research has shown that an embedded social purpose allows organisations to:

  • Develop premium brand positions
  • Attract the best talent and keep them motivated
  • Create customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Outperform their competitors

We recognise that business leaders and their teams are too busy running their business to deliver community projects, so we align social impact strategies with business objectives to create a cycle where purpose powers profit, and prosperity powers social impact.

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Create a strategy where profit and purpose converge using out three stage process.

1] Explore

A Social Performance Audit process reveals your business is already doing great things in your local community, using data to create a scorecard to help you see the business from a different perspective.

Working with us during the Explore phase will energise you and your team, open your eyes to your current social impact and how to use the core competencies of the business to improve both social impact and business prosperity.

2] Reveal

Unleash the power of 'doing good' to increase passion and business prosperity by engaging with staff and stakeholders to develop a shared 'social purpose' and integrate their energy into your new plans. Building a 'theory of change' will create a narrative, identify new, and challenging goals, and generate new business opportunities.

Amazing things happen when you and your stakeholders come together for good, shifting the focus from transactions to collaborative relationships and partnership working, which will power new commercial growth with shared purpose and an innovative 'social brand'.

3] Ignite

Tell the world about the good you're doing and embed social impact within your brand. Now that you have a social impact plan, it is critical to invest in a transparent and compelling marketing strategy that makes social value part of your brand and promotes these messages both within your company and beyond; to your existing and potential new customers, suppliers and wider stakeholders including your local communities.


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